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SpeedwayRulez.com is an online game where you can check your skills as a speedway manager.
You can create your own team, hire riders and compete with other users for free.

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About Game

There are no age restrictions. You dont't need to be speedway expert to play this game, you event don't need to be interested in it. The most important skill in this game is the ability to calculate costs and earnings. You need to create good enough team and keep balance positive. Only people who can do that are able to achieve successes in this game.

Game History

Game has officially started in June 2015. The first season was preceded by tests, ten users took part in it. Since then many new features has been created and we're constantly adding new ones. The game will be developed if only users will be willing to play.

Play everywhere

If you want to use all the features of the game (changing riders, buy and repair vehicles etc.) you need to have installed an Internet browser which supports javascripts. All modern browsers are good enough. If you would like to browse our site on mobile device probably you will need to install browser such as Chrome, Opera or Firefox.

Time not needed

SpeedwaRulez is not a game which requires hours spending at the computer. League games are held on Saturday, individual tournaments in the middle of the week. You can watch your team's matches live, lap after lap but it's not necessary. If you have several minutes free in a week it should be enough to select squad, buy or repair machines, set training schedules and look after youth academy.

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Game features

Below you can see features that make this game quite complex.


Every club need to complete squad before season. Menagers make offers to riders which contain sing-up fee and stake for point. Riders choose best offer. Riders can get injured so you should hire more than 7 riders. You can also loan riders from other clubs.

Youth academy

It's important to invest in youth academy if you want to build team based on your adepts. You can decide how much money would you like to put in it. More money you put more adepts can train in your academy. You can also improve training facility of your academy which will have influence on adepts development.

Stadium management

You can set ticket price, matchday marketing can be improved which will cause higher matchday revenue. You can also expand your stadium up to 25000 seats.

Riders loan

If one of your riders got injured you can take someone on a loan from other club. You just have to set weekly fee for a loan and get along with rider's manager. If you have rider who is no longer needed in your team, you can put him on a loan list.


You need to hire coaches who will lead trainings. Maximum number of staff in club is 3. Every coach has other skills, one is perfect physio, other get along well with young riders, another will take care of your rider's technique. You can assign a coach to the type of training.

Vehicle management

You can buy, repair, tune and wreck your vehicles. You decide what kind of motor do your riders use. You can save money and hope that your motors won't break or spend money on buying new vehicles or repairing them after every match.



You can check league tables, results, fixtures, team's squads and riders statistics. You can also watch league matches and individal tournaments live. Access to some of resource requires loggin in.

Game screenshots

Below you can see screenshots from key features of our game.

Club info Information about club and riders list
Strona zawodnika
Rider's profile Skill, stats and vehicle management
Training Choosing coaches and training units
Zarządzanie szkółką
Youth academy management Setting budget and training frequency
Skrzynka email
Email box Writing and reading messages
Wypożyczanie zawodnika
Rider loan Creating an offer
Finanse klubu
Club's finance List of all transactions
Match Settled match view


Hall of fame

Below you can see winners of tournaments in our game.



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